Why Ask The Camp Guy?

“The greatest reward of working camp is that I know that by the end of the session, I will have made an impact in a camper’s life.”

So I want to share a quick story on why I chose the name AskTheCampGuy.  Years ago working at a local special needs not-for-profit organization; I was originally hired as the camp director acting as an administrative manager and presiding over the summer residential and day camp programs.

However, as the organization’s priorities shifted, I was unexpectedly tasked with additional roles serving as a marketing director, development specialist, event planner, caretaker, program director, and HR manager of camp.  For an extended period of time I even held the position of wastewater treatment plant operator, and I can tell you, this was by far the oddest position I ever held.  During that time, I gained an even greater respect for the men and women who hold that position.

For years, I continued serving in these roles simultaneously; the organization had just one individual responsible for camp… me.  Whenever someone needed an answer or help with camp I would often hear my co-workers saying “where is the camp guy?” or “ask the camp guy!”  I even added the title The Camp Guy to my email signatures as a joke to catch the attention of my co-workers.  After several futile attempts to remind everyone I was indeed still the camp director, I decided to embrace my new role as the camp guy.

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